bunny1 is a tool that lets you write smart bookmarks in python and then share them across all your browsers and with a group of people or the whole world. It was developed at Facebook and is widely used there.

Type something like g phpsh or fbpbz 1737 or wikinvest 2008 Financial Crisis or popular or ya what is the meaning of life? or list Facebook or fbs john or php array_merge or wp FBML or fb mark zuckerberg or gmaps 285 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 or gimg bisu or rickroll or yt i'm cool sushi654 yeah or y osteria palo alto or live james harrison.

Or you can see a list of shortcuts you can use with this example server.

Running Your Own bunny1 Server

Installing on Firefox

Installing on Safari

Installing on Google Chrome

Installing on Internet Explorer

bunny1 was originally written by Charlie Cheever at Facebook and is maintained by him, David Reiss, Eugene Letuchy, and Dan Corson. Julie Zhuo drew the bunny logo.